Easy Message > Features
file transfer
Send and receive files with contacts over all accounts.

group chat
Invite friends into your conversations for group chatting.

the smallest download
With a download size of just over 200kb easy message has become the worlds smallest unified instant messenger. Its over 50 times smaller than the size of the messengers provided by the major public services.
(ICQ: 3.9MB, AOL: 2.7MB, Yahoo!: 2.5MB, MSN: 1.6MB)
Perfect for:
  • travelers - keep easy message and your accounts on a floppy disk and instantly connect to your friends at every stop without any setup or configuration!
  • IT techs - deploy easy message easily and quickly accross a network by just copying the installed files!

a simple unified interface
Using multiple services is made easy by grouping all of your contacts in a single contact list. All of your instant messaging functionality is seemlessly integrated into one interface. There's no need to learn 4 different interfaces.

use any number of accounts at the same time
Save your computers memory by allowing easy message to manage all of your instant messaging accounts. Running easy message uses a fraction of the memory of any other messenger even with any number of accounts. Multiple accounts on the same service is easily supported.

What are the standard features?

everything you'd expect from an instant messenger
  • Send and Receive instant messages
  • Add and remove contacts
  • Get notified when someone adds you to their list.
  • See whether on not your contacts are online
  • See your contacts extended status, (away, be right back, etc.)
  • Set your extended status
  • Send rich text messages. You can change your font and font color, add underline and bold, etc.
  • Use emoticons :) in your conversations. The service specific emoticons are used for the service the conversation is on.
  • Hyperlink support. Automatically make web address in conversations clickable links.
  • Contact group importing and unified group management.
  • Typing notifications allow you to see when others are typing.
  • Block contacts to hide you're online status from them and disallow incoming messages.

automatically import your accounts contacts and groups
When you add an account all of your account information is automatically loaded including all of your contacts and groups.

saving groups and contact list
Your group and contact list changes are always saved so that they'll appear from any computer you log into.

MSN style status bar notifications
Notifications popup from the taskbar area unintrusivly letting you know when a friend comes online, a friend messages you, or when new email arrives.

POP3 mail notifications
Monitor you're email accounts with easy message. Easy message will notify you when new mail has arrived and load your email client.

sound notifications
Sounds let you know when a friend comes online, a friend messages you, or when new email arrives.

hotmail integration
Securely keeping an eye on you're hotmail inbox, easy message lets you know your mail count and when new messages arrive. It conveniently takes you directly to your inbox or new message without the need to log in.

proxy/firewall support
Connect to your accounts through a proxy or a firewall.

international character support
Support for special characters from non-english languages is provided.